A Child-Centered Environment

3-Year Cycle Of Learning


At CMS we encourage three years in our Montessori environment before moving on to first grade. This allows the child to take full advantage of our program and work in all curriculum areas.


A third-year Montessori child has a chance not only to progress but also to go back to earlier work and perfect it.


The three-year cycle and mixed-age grouping further aid social development by giving children the opportunity to learn from and teach each other to accept different level abilities.

Our Program

This results in a stimulating atmosphere. By remaining for three years, children have the experience of being the youngest and oldest in the group

The third-year is the Kindergarten year. Eligibility requires meeting the age criteria for the child’s school district, in addition to the teacher’s recommendation that the child is developmentally, socially and academically ready.

All parents of prospective enrollees are asked to give consideration, to the three-year cycle of learning in the Montessori environment and the optimum results realized when a child completes three consecutive years in the program.

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