A Child-Centered Environment

Children's Montessoi Schoolhouse Program

Social and Emotional Growth


The emotional and social development of the child is an important part of our program. We seek to create a warm, loving, respectful atmosphere.


Emphasis is placed on helping children express feelings in constructive ways and develop social skills and a sense of responsibility for their own behavior within the school community.


A philosophy of “freedom within limits” provides the basic framework for the children’s interaction with the environment and each other.


As the child’s mind and body control develop, he moves toward self-mastery and inner discipline. He learns to be independent and to think and do for himself.


He is considered a free member of a real social community where the rights of all are respected. The child practices living in peace.


The Montessori Teacher


Teachers in the Montessori classroom are the dynamic link between the child and the prepared environment.

It is the primary task of the teacher to help the child act and think for himself. Her approach is indirect. She does not occupy center stage as in a traditional classroom, nor does she sit idly by on the sidelines. Instead, she moves among the children working with them in a one-to-one relationship, ready if a child needs her to introduce new material or give guidance.

She is a keen observer who is constantly alert to the child’s needs and who prepares the classroom environment to match those needs.

All teachers and assistants are trained by an accredited Montessori Teacher Training Program.

The Daily Program

Most of the class time is spent on individual and small-group lessons. The uninterrupted period allows the individual and the class to develop a work cycle.

Children who work independently and purposefully are free to move where their interests and abilities take them, thus developing their sense of pace and rhythm.

The curriculum is extensive, so there is something for every child. Practical Life activities for the development of concentration, organization and independence; Sensorial, to sort impressions of the senses and to develop skills in comparing, judging and sequencing; Math, to develop the logical mind; Language, to link the child with society; Science and Geography, to discover the wonders of the world.

The daily schedule also includes collective gatherings for discussion, music, stories, games, celebrations, group lessons, and guest visitors. A spacious, natural environment is the setting for outdoor play and nature discoveries.

Each classroom has a deck that can be used for outside work during nice weather. For added safety, there is direct access from each classroom to the fenced playground. An all-purpose room is available during inclement weather.

Our Kindergarten program includes more advanced work, special projects, field trips and daily formal lessons in preparation for first grade.

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